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Okay, got another story to tell about the evils of Russian women... well, not Russian this time but close enough- Ukrainian.

So my mom knows some old lady whose son married a Ukrainian woman, very attractive woman he met online. He seemed to think her being smart and having a big medical degree made her a good catch.

But bear in mind that the Ukraine borders Russia and much of it's population is Russian.

Sigh.... you know only bad things happen when you fuck around with Russian women.

Well, sure enough, after a couple of years the woman divorced his ass and took half his stuff. She also "cashed in" his 30-year old coin collection, ie, putting a $50 quarter into a candy machine.

The lesson? According to my mom, "you can't trust Eastern European women, only marry an American woman."

Well, I don't think all women east of the Berlin Wall are necessarily evil but apparently you gotta add the Ukrainian woman to the dreaded Succubi category of woman inhabited by the vile Russian woman. She's generalizing with "Eastern European", I doubt that, say, Polish women are like that. But in any case, I'll add more nationalities to watch out for.

So, to amend my earlier list, here's the -five- rules to dealing with Russian AND Ukrainian women.

To any men out there, never forget the 6 rules of dating Russian/Ukrainian women.

1. Fuck em.
2. Never marry em.
3. Never have babies with em.
4. Lead em on with false promises for as long as you want to fuck them for.
5. Leave em.
6. If you're dumb enough to actually marry one then make them sign one HELL of a pre-nup... and be careful that your ex doesn't piss you off enough to slap her and scream racist insults at her while she feigns innocence and records the whole thing with her diamond earring microphone before trying to anonymously leak it to the press.

I'm fucking serious. The Russian and Ukrainian woman will fuck you and your big American house and wallet over if you let them- so why nor hustle them instead? I don't consider myself sexist but when it comes to Russsian and Ukrainian women....

Treat em like this song says. Anyway I'll be adding in more Succubi nationalities as I pick up more stories.

P.S.- A friend of my mom's son has fallen for a Russian woman! Dear God, and he's refusing to listen to the advice! This fool should spend the money on Vegas. Or he may as well just donate it the Russian embassy.

Look, it happens all the time- happy and productive long-term marriages between American and Russian/Ukrainian women are about as common as white albino elephants on skateboards. If you want to fuck around and try the "serious love" thing with a Russian/Ukrainian then be my guest, but don't say I didn't warn you. I mean, I am posting this as a PSA. Enough American boys in Houston have been fucked over by these Russian-Ukrainian whores so I'd like us to be the ones to start fucking them over instead.

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Ukrainian/Russian Women

Personal story. I met 3 Czech/Ukrainian women two on the internet. One of them (Czech) I met out and about, we went on a few dates. The first date she paid her share of the bill and promised to meet me again. The second time we went to a bar and she made me pay for her drinks. Little did I know that she had a other ex-pat boyfriend on the other side of the bar who she was working too. I met him but I didn't know they were together until afterwards. The third and final date. We went to another bar, she expected me to pay the bill. I was asking her about the other guy, and were I fit. None the less the date went south, though she played it off like nothing was wrong. She never spoke to me again after that date. In Ukraine, one of these (Ukrainian) women promised to meet me. However, when I arrived in Ukraine she made several excuses why she couldn't meet. The Second one (Ukrainian) I also met through the same website. I dated her for a while and eventually moved in with her. At first she didn't want me to buy her things, and didn't want to go out. We still went out and I bought her dinners and entertainment. Before I moved in with her several ex-pats told me to be cautious because she will eventually start asking for me to pay her bills and buy her things. About two weeks exactly into the relationship she started acting bitchy. Then when I was watching TV out of the blue she asked me to buy her a present. I made the comment, "oh shit there it goes, now she wants me to buy her gifts," and she then threw a book at my head. None the less, I took her out for dinner and started to play in and bought her things. But she was still being moody and then slowed down our sexual side of the relationship. I started to become uneasy and moody too because she became a different person overnight. None the less, from time to time she would meet these strange men who she told me were friends, and then I caught her on Skype talking to other ex-pats. This is not even the fun part yet. One night after she came home drunk with two of her so called friends, she threw me out of the flat. I bought a plane ticket home. After a few weeks she contacted me and asked me for $200 to pay for her utilities. I told her that I didn't have any money. And she sent me nasty letters. A week later she writes me again and tells me she is pregnant. And that she needs $200 for the abortion. I tell her that if she comes back to America I will help her with her bills. She refuses and then writes me more nasty letters calling me a loser and an asshole. My advice is to stay away from Eastern European women and Russians. I also had similar issues with Asian women as well, but this is another story for another day. Stick with women from your own culture, unless its just a sex, and even then be cautious, these people are from 3rd world countries and sometimes they have nothing to lose, and they are very crafty in their games. P.S. the men from these areas also have similar issues with their women as well, they have told me to be cautious and not get attached. I guess that's why Russia and Eastern Europe have high divorce rates some as high as 68%(Belorussian) being one of them. Source:

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